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About Us

Seva-in-Action (SiA), a voluntary organization was established in the year 1985, with the mission of empowering persons with disabilities and to create equitable opportunities for an inclusive society. Realizing wide gap between the services available and services needed, SiA set out with identifying and reaching out rehabilitation programme for children with disabilities (CWDs) working very closely with local communities to develop and implement socially, culturally and economically appropriate services with holistic approach. The entire programme is based on demystifying and transferring technology in simple and relevant terms at community level.

Livelihood opportunities for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities has been a big challenge in our country. SiA is focusing on skill development for better access to livelihood opportunities through wage employment or self-employment.

SiA is the member of Central Advisory Board for disabilities (CABD) MSJE GOI which is responsible for advising the central government in implementing RPD 2016. SiA also in EC committee of Samagra Shikshana in Karnataka (SS-K). SiA has been on various committees of the Central and State Government to develop policies and training programs.

Areas of Work:

  • SiA works through the following pronged approach: –
  • Community Based Activities (CBA) – Education through Resource Centers Ramanagara and Hosakote
  • Prevocational and Skills Development training for Livelihood opportunities for Adults with intellectual and development Disabilities.
  • Research, Capacity building & Resource Development for Inclusive Education
  • Consultancy and Networking with the Government System and Non-government sector at national and international level.

Vision and Mission

"Excellence in serving the Differently Abled (Divyangjan)"

The vision statement reflects the organisation’s intent to deliver comprehensive and inclusive services in whole life perspective to persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) by creating accessible, affordable, appropriate, applicable, updated, evidence based and quality services, products and environment towards ensuring their rights and attainment of full potentials (capacity and performance).

“Empowering the Differently Abled (Divyangjan)”

We are committed to empowering the differently abled (Divyanjan) by

  • Creating a barrier free enabling environment & attitude in the community towards creating an inclusive society by collaborating with government and non-governmental agencies
  • Ensuring Equity & Equalisation of opportunities
  • Human resource development towards early identification & intervention, education, skill development, employment and inclusion.
  • Development of assistive technology as deemed required
  • Fulfil their rights & entitlements
  • Capacity building of Divyangjan & their families (Family & Social responsibility)
  • Building adequate resources & such other activities deemed required to ensure sustainable implementation of Vision & Mission goals.

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