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Seva-in-Action (SiA), a voluntary organization, established in the year 1985, with the mission of empowering persons with disabilities and to create equitable opportunities through community-based rehabilitation and inclusive education for evolving an inclusive society.

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Mr. Mark Webster
Vice-President - Asia

PayPal - Bengaluru

A wonderful visit to an amazing Team! Thank you for everything you do. We'll be back soon to see the lovely people here!

Mr. Carsten Lassen & Mr. Steen Lohse
Specialisterne Enable India Solutions


Thank you for a wonderful show. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Jiitendar Singh Bhalla
Group Leader - PayPal

Seva-in-Action is a non-government organisation that is dedicated to the cause of empowering differently abled people and making them self-reliant. I was privileged to represent my organization for engaging with them and conducting many activities targeted to benefit their students. SiA Team is highly committed to this worthy cause and it was an honour to host students of Seva-in-Action on the occasion of Holi, International Yoga Day and PayPal's annual party.
We found the staff of Seva-in-Action highly efficient and dedicated to the cause of organization. We wish all the success to SiA and appeal to other organisations and individuals to do their bit by coming forward and contributing for the same.

Mr. Nataraj
Father of beneficiary Yadunandan

Positive effects of Mandala Art & other online session on Yadunandan. My son Yadunandan is person with intellectual and development disability. His concentration level is increased & sitting tolerance period is improved & can sit for a period of 45-60 minutes at a stretch.
Now he can sit before TV for period up to 2 Hours, previously he can hardly sit for a period less than 10 minutes. His fine motor skills improved, which can be seen his writing and colouring skills.

Ms. Ami Sampath
Mandala Art Designer, USA

I have been volunteering with Seva-in-Action for over a year now. The platform that SiA creates for kids with special needs / learning disabilities is outstanding. They insist on developing skills in these kids that help them be financially productive and gain a sense of independence. I absolutely applaud them in creating this environment of sustenance. I especially thank Ms. Varada Hegde for helping us sail through every session smoothly by coordinating, translating and encouraging all of us to give out best.
Also, a special mention goes to Savita & Nilambari for collaborating with SiA and mediate to create fantastic opportunities for everyone. I am absolutely thrilled to be the part of this journey.

Mr. Raghunath & Ms. Bhuvaneswari
Parents of beneficiary, Namish

Our son Namish is 15-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and we were searching for an NGO for his future activities. Few months before we connected with Seva-in-Action. From day 1 we are attending different types of online classes like Mandala & Mithila Arts, Yoga, Communication, Self-Advocacy program, and the cultural activities.
We learnt many new things along with my son Namish. Because these online sessions we identified his art skills. We found his right path for his future development through Seva-in-Action.

Ms. Simi
Artist & Art Educator, Madhubani Arts

" Disability is the inability to see the ability "
My relationship with SIA started in the year of 2018 when my friend Rama introduced this group. As an artist and art educator when I joined the team giving sessions to all the students. Enthusiastic students from all age groups just took my heart away and I decided not to leave them. After moving to Gurgaon, I joined the group again and enjoying and learning from all of them. I am taking Folk Art sessions and amazed to see the progress. Specially Namish who enjoys colouring and create beautiful works. Manjunath H S, Usha Indumathi all are doing wonderful works. A great initiative by SIA and it’s an honor for me being a part of the team.

Success Stories

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Dilip. K

27 yrs old having Intellectual Disability, job Internship at Thomson Reuters

The man who can see straight in the eyes of the disability and say “you can’t disable me!!!”. Dilip K a young energetic, friendly full...

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Generic placeholder image

32 yrs old having Intellectual Disability working as House Keeping Assistant in RNS Institution

Where there is a will there is a way. ‘Manju’ as we call him in SiA, is one of the brightest one of the team.We are extremely proud....

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19 yrs old having Intellectual disability, job Self employment

Distance from city, and intellectual disability may have widened the road to her life she deserves but the girl has the strength to walk miles.

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19 yrs old having Intellectual disability with Autism, job Internship at Thomson Reuters

The many of many skills, who can speak more than 4 languages, keen interest in music, and paid intern in Thomson Reuters. He joined Seva-in-Action...

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Sanjana, 22-year-old girl with Downs Syndrome. She joined pre-vocational training

Her communication & socialization skills were very less when she joined. She used to sit alone, doesn’t like to do any activities.we gave many...

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Naveen John

Naveen John is 20-year-old with Intellectual and developmental disability joined pre-vocational

He studied up to 9th standard in main stream school at Bangarpet, Kolar district. Parents identified that Naveen ...

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Generic placeholder image
Akshay Prasad

Akshay Prasad, 18 years old with Intellectual & Developmental Disability, joined prevocational

Initially he used to scream and cry for hours together by connecting earlier incidents. We were used to talk with him and tried to divert his mind...

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Success Stories



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