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Case Studies

Case Study - 1

Victor Samuel, 24 yrs with Downs Syndrome has trained under Skill Development Training at Seva-in-Action & placed him as Sales Assistant at Star Bazaar, Koramangala. His father is a cardiac patient & he needs of Pacemaker replacement. Later father had surgery of replacing of a pacemaker in the need of urgency and he was unable to get 2 lakh rupees.

Victor used ESI facility in his company & finally, he got 6 lakhs rupees from Victor's ESI for the surgery. He was very happy and thanked Seva-in-Action for the support given to Victor and his family. Victor's father was proud of his son & said "His son saved his Life".

Case Study - 2

One of our students Manjunath HS worked in the CCD assembly unit. He learnt how to fix certain things related to nuts and bolts. One day when he broke his belt Buckle his mother wanted to get it repaired from the shop, but he tried and fixed the belt buckle by himself.

He confidently told that he learned this skill in CCD. This incident shows that they are not limiting the skill only in workplaces, but are also making use of it in daily life. Now he works in RNS college in the housekeeping section.

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