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SEVA–in–ACTION (SiA) is a voluntary organisation founded in 1985 to empower persons with disabilities and their families through Community Based Rehabilitation and Inclusive Education. SiA is focusing now on Skill Development, placement and Livelihood for adults with disabilities specially with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (PwIDDs). It is working towards developing an inclusive society which value the abilities & potentials of persons with disabilities.

Yes, we are registered under the Society Act of Karnataka

“Empowering the Differently Abled (Divyangjan)” We are committed to empowering the differently abled (Divyanjan) by Creating a barrier free enabling environment & attitude in the community towards creating an inclusive society by collaborating with government and non-governmental agencies Ensuring Equity & Equalisation of opportunities Human resource development towards early identification & intervention, education, skill development, employment and inclusion. Development of assistive technology as deemed required Promote Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Prevention Fulfil their rights & entitlements Capacity building of Divyangjan & their families (Family & Social responsibility) Building adequate resources & such other activities deemed required to ensure sustainable implementation of Vision & Mission goals.

We have our main organization at Koramangala, in the heart of Bengaluru, the Silicon City of India. And resource centers are at Hosakote & Ramanagar within the range of 60 km from Bengaluru.

Male and Female candidates with the age of 15 years and above, and Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (PwIDDs).

It offers pre-vocational trg, Skill Development & Livelihood Training at Seva-in-Action, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Hoskote – Bengaluru Rural Dist. and Ramanagara, Ramanagara Dist.

No, after training, they may get internship/job depending upon the opportunities at that time & it also depends on candidates’ capability, strength, skill & support from the family.

  • Step 1. Need to register with Seva-in-Action by filling the registration form (click here to fill the form)
  • Step 2. We counsel the registered candidates along with their parents/guardians.
  • Step 3. We will conduct 15 days observation period for those who were selected.
  • Step 4. We will assess the candidate.
  • Step 5. We will admit the candidate for the particular training which is suitable for them.

SiA expects full or partial involvement of the parents/guardians depending upon the needs of the .

It will be value-added for your ward for further training and he can be trained further in specific domain depending on his/her interest & potential.

No, we will observe the candidate’s skill & update skill and he/she may wait for the opportunity to get the job.

You can give raw materials, learning & teaching materials, electronic gadgets, music systems, retail stores, sports & gym materials, etc.

Brown sheets, Glue, Paper cutting Machine (Manual), Stationeries, Clothes & Newspapers, Computers, storage racks, and boxes, etc.

Yes, we will give you an acknowledgment.

We will be using it for different skill training.

We have project-based programs which are funding by Organisations/ grants. We also plan to approach public for defined objectives

SiA is a non-profit Organisation with specific focus on differently abled children (objectives of SiA to be enumerated)

Through digital transfer using various modes- NEFT, Payment gateways/UPI etc

Your donation will utilize 100% towards programs.

Under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act - 50% of the donated amount subject to 10% of Adjusted Gross Total Income

You can make the cheque in name of the organization “Seva-in-Action”.

Please contact us at our email ID at “” Name of Contact person: B.V Rajashekara Reddy

Yes, you can donate from anywhere.

Surely, we look forward for people volunteering for the cause. We will be too happy to consider the request on a case-to-case basis.

Please contact us at our email ID at “”

You need to contact Seva-in-Action with a letter from your School/college/University & we will discuss with you & assign the work based on our organisation’s needs.

You can contact Dy. Director, for internship opportunities

1. You can spend time with our students with different activities by online/offline 2. You can identify the suitable jobs in your companies if you are working. 3. You can collect donations and raise funds for the organisation. 4. You take our students for the outing which gives good exposure. 5. You can involve in production and marketing.

No payment for membership/volunteering service.

Yes, you will get a certificate depending on your performance, duration & attendance. At the end of your volunteer work & internship, we will issue a valid certificate from our organization.

Yes, it will.

update you through sharing the report

No fixed timeline

We will identify the needy beneficiary for you.


Depending upon your call. If you want to continue it is well and good

We can change the beneficiary if you agree.

Registration in the web portal

Children and youth with Intellectual disability., Cerebral palsy, Autism, Visual impairment (blind), and Hearing-impaired (Deaf)

As many students can register

Yes, when quiz is conducted virtually/online.

Yes there are age criteria as below. Children and youth with intellectual disabilities cerebral palsy and autism are from 13 to 21 years. Children and youth with hearing impaired 8th to 10th standard and visually impaired- class 8th to 12th standard

“Self-Advocates Forum of India - SAFI” ioperational office in Pune, Maharashtra which empowers PwIDDs to develop their trust, positive attitudes & basic skills in their day-to-day life.

You can join through online (click here to fill the form)

By attending SAFI meetings/session you & your ward will get benefits like developing trust, attachment, social communication skills & opportunity express your ward’s feelings and build your ward’s capacity and self-determination.

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