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Keerthana, 19 yrs old having Intellectual disability, job Self employment

Parents: Father owning a salon, Mother is an Assistant Teacher at Samvardhana Resource Centre, Ramanagara.

Distance from city, and intellectual disability may have widened the road to her life she deserves but the girl has the strength to walk miles. She joined the Samvardhana Resource Centre, run by Seva-in-Action at Ramanagara at the age of 9 years. She trained under pre-vocational activities & skill development. She approached the head of a resource center to open a small provision store beside her house in her village. SiA helped Keerthana’s mother to get the facility from Govt. of Karnataka, under ‘Udyogini ‘scheme for entrepreneurship. Keerthana’s mother successfully underwent training at Women & Children Welfare Dept., Ramanagara under ‘Udyogini’ scheme & received the loan of Rs. 50000/- with subsidy Rs. 15000/- to open a shop. During the Covid period, Keerthana started provision store in October 2020 & running successfully with daily business Rs. 500 to 800/- along with mother.

Keerthana took in-service training with her mother to stalk, arrange the things & name the products. She can able to identify the products, arrange the items. And she is learning to communicate with customers & money concepts along with her mother.

Being a girl, Keerthana leading life as an entrepreneur, and her family is now happy and self-satisfied life.

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