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Sanjana, 22-Year-Old Girl With Downs Syndrome. She Joined Pre-Vocational Training At Seva-in-Action In The Year 2018.

Sanjana, 22-year-old girl with Downs Syndrome. She joined pre-vocational training at Seva-in-Action in the year 2018. Her communication & socialization skills were very less when she joined. She used to sit alone, doesn’t like to do any activities. We gave many exposures individually activities & observed that she likes music & dance. So, we planned activities which she likes. We gave some activities like passing message, talk with mic. Slowly she started to involve with others & making friends.

Her talent exposed by these training & participated in different cultural programs and competitions like Fashion show in 2019 at Krishanaiah Chetty Jewelers auditorium. Performed in various dance program with group in many companies. Sanjana started doing her own work & her choice. Initially she used to talk few words, later she began to sing her favorite songs with lyrics. Sanjana’s parents and sisters were happy to see her drastic changes during in her journey with SiA.

In this pandemic time, we learnt many things & lost too. But, in initial stage of pandemic Sanjana faced problem to pass her time at home. Then situation became worsen & because her family problem parents want to trial & decide to put her in residential set-up. Amazingly she adjusted in new atmosphere and new life style in residential set-up. This pre-vocational skill training helped her a lot & she can able to do her work independently & she made new friends and spending good time with them very happily. As per parents’ opinion, pre-vocational training at SiA helped Sanjana to adapt to the new environment.

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