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Focus Area : Skill Development Training & Livelihood

Skill Development Training & Livelihood

‘The Skill Development and Livelihood Program’ was initiated by Seva in Action, with an aim to empower adolescents & young adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) obtain gainful employment and have access to meaningful livelihood opportunities. The need for ‘Skill Training and Development’ aroused when young adolescents who passed out from special schools after completion of their Individualized Education Program (IEP) were found to be unengaged and often facing challenges in finding employment. Parents seemed to be confounded with uncertainness and were anxious about their child’s future.
The ‘Skill Development and Livelihood Program’ has been designed by Seva-in-Action to support adolescents with IDDs in making the transition from a school environment to a work-place environment and become as independent as possible. One of the main goals is to also enable young adults with IDDs in finding open-employment and to help engage in meaningful livelihood opportunities, including entrepreneurship. SiA runs Skill Development and Livelihood Program for the age group of 16yrs – 30yrs. The program offers support skills for the protective market and open-market based on the capacities and potentials of the trainees. A vital part of the program is ‘Personality Development and Soft Skill Training’ along with exposure visits, excursions, adventure camps which are organised on a regular basis. It also provides training on ‘Self-Advocacy and Communication’ skills.

Offered Trainings Duration Age
Prevocational Training ½ Year 16 – 20 yrs
Retail 6 months 18 – 25 yrs
F&B Services (Hospitality) 6 months 18 – 25 yrs
Digitization 3 months 18 – 25 yrs

Seva-in-Action had a great experience in doing the open placement for adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Star Bazaar & D-Mart (Retail Sector), Café Coffee Day (CCD) hub technology (Assembly Work) with lot of challenges & it is a good model for others. Seva-in-Action is part of Mission1000 Campaign with Enable India and in the working committee. Before placing them in the open market, in house & on the job training is given to adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities.

Learnings of SiA:
Parents who stay nearby approached the management of Seva-in-Action and appealed to start some pre-vocational training for their wards with intellectual & developmental disabilities as they were idle at home after completion of their special schooling. This was the beginning for SiA to start pre-vocational training named as Kalika for a small group with the support of Spastics Society of Karnataka & Phillips came forward to provide small stipend for the trainees. After acquired the skills by PWIDDs and number of trainees increased, gradually started the small production unit named as Rachana. In the production unit, trained adults started making eco-friendly products viz., different size & types of paper bags, cloth bags, corporate gifts, terracotta crafts, jute mats, stationery items, jewellery & candles & Diyas. The marketing of these products done through exhibition cum sale during Dashera, Diwali & Christmas time in MNC’s office premises. Gradually, SiA started Skill Development training for AWIDDs in different domains and tried to place them in open market. This specific skill development training enabled them to become confident, independent and contributing members in the society.

Pre-vocational and Skill Development training changed the lives of persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. They gained confident as they acquired specific skills for job opportunities & their parents were happy for their wards working in various domains. The PWIDDs who are economically independent are becoming the contributing member of their family. The Society gradually including and giving opportunities for PWIDDs in their work space.


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Seva-in-action extends its unconditional support to adults with intellectual disabilities, in terms of skill-based development models and opportunities. It seeks to equip them with all the necessary knowledge and tools, in developing their skills and getting open wage employment or engage them with meaningful livelihood opportunities.

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Courses Offered


Duration: 6 months
Age: 18 – 25 yrs

   Ms. Varada Hegde
   Primary Instructor

F&B Services (Hospitality)

Duration: 6 months
Age: 18 – 25 yrs

   Ms. Varada Hegde
   Primary Instructor


Duration: 3 months
Age: 18 – 25 yrs

   Mr. Girish
   Primary Instructor

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