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International Women’s Day 2020 Special: Manjula Nanjundaiah Looks Back at the Legacy of Seva in Action

9 Mar 2020 3:39 PM | Seva-in-Action

In this special episode dedicated to International Women’s Day 2020, we honour the story of Manjula Nanjundaiah.

In this conversation with RJ Usha, Manjula reveals that she was earlier working in the Banking sector. Unhappy with the work, she was longing to explore her passion for working with children living with disabilities. This is how she came to create Seva in Action.

Manjula is the Director of Seva in Action. The organisation has been working for women in Bengaluru and surrounding places as well as for women from other countries. They have conducted training sessions for teachers as well. “I have completed 30 years with this organisation and I feel very proud of it. The organisation has bagged many awards – among them have been the National Award 2016, and the National Trust State Model Center Karnataka 2016-17. What I have observed is that women living with disabilities are often not allowed to come out of their homes; once they turn 18, their lives are restricted to their homes.”

Seva in Action has also worked in the field of education for disabled persons and has had to overcome many challenges – especially concerning gender inequality. “Boys and men should support girls and women better. I have witnessed discrimination in the same home among young women – the disabled person is given cloth for the period, while the able-bodied woman is given a sanitary pad to use. These women should get the opportunity to come out of their homes and grow. Every person in the family should also come out and participate in educational sessions so that everyone can support women with disabilities in their families.”


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