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Pani Puri vendor, Self employed (Prakash started working with his mother in Pani puri vending business.)

He is a person with ID and he underwent prevocational & skill development training under Food & Beverages and Housekeeping domain at SiA Resource Centre, Ramanagara for 2 years. Prakash’s father was doing the Pani Puri vending business when he was in skill training.

In between his father passed away & his mother faced financial problem to run her family. This skill training helped Prakash in this situation and he started working with his mother in Pani puri vending business. Prakash does all the preparatory work before his mother takes over.

He cleans the push cart, fetch water, carry the necessary items to push cart, arranges the prepared food items in particular place in cart, push the cart to main road, stores the water, he attends, serves the customers & cleans used utensils. This skill training helped him to find his livelihood & he is happy with his mother and leading respectful life.

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