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Program :Pre-vocational Training-Ramanagara

Pre-Vocational training is an important phase of training between School & Vocation/work. Many children with disabilities find it difficult to adjust into the vocation directly from classroom situation.

The objective of pre-vocational training is

  1. to develop individual’s personality from being student to a worker.
  2. to ensure overall growth of an individual before placing him/her into vocational training in open environment.

The following skills will be imparted to children & young adults with disabilities:

  1. Cognitive Skills (adequate comprehensive abilities, basic literacy & numeracy)
  2. Personal Skills (Self-help skills – independent in self-help skills)
  3. Emotional Skills (any psychological pressure) and Social Skills (inter-personal relation)
  4. Physical & Sensory Motor Skills (Physical fitness to take any kind of job)
  5. Life survival Skills & Safety Skills (know how to put out fires, treatment of minor cuts & burns, basic signs – danger, caution, exit, explosives, traffic signals

The sessions include activities from music therapy, art therapy, dance and movement therapy and relaxation time to help them connect with their inner self. The activities conducted in these sessions focussed on creative self-expression to support the participant’s emotional regulation and balance. These activities helped in improving the student’s interpersonal skills, self-confidence, social skills and the ability to participate and work with groups to experience the joy of connection. The interventions helped with the adaptive behaviours of the students and in reducing their challenging behaviours.

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