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Gel Candles

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Were there times when your parents told you that they studied under the light of a burning candle and made you feel guilty of not studying. We wonder what they did in the morning? Times like today where the whole country is lit up by electricity which comes mostly twenty four seven then we don’t have that struggle to rub into our kids face. So why not use the candle the way that you will like it. Seva-in-Action an organization that has been a pioneer in creating inclusivity for people with special needs (intellectually disabled) has been thriving to provide them education and vocational training. People in SiA have been producing scented candles with magnificent designs also at such an affordable price, that who knows you may buy so many that you eventually start studying under it. From your romantic date nights to decoration to impress the neighbors or why not just make your room more beautiful for yourself. You buying the candles from SiA will give employment to many people who are intellectually disables who otherwise would find it hard to even find a job. Also you are opting for promoting local products. #vocalforlocal Hey that seems like a good deed, maybe you can rub that into your kids when they buy flimsy foreign brands.

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